Qmp3D - Winamp Plug-in

Qmp3D - Winamp Plug-in 1.0

Allows users to add 3D effects to standard MP3 audio files

Qmp3D – Winamp Plug-in is a download that comes with features for converting MP3 files to 3D sound. This software takes advantage of Qsounds 3D audio technology which basically takes audio and widens it beyond the speakers.

Qmp3D – Winamp Plug-in is compatible with files not only of MP3, but also WAV, WMA, and more. This software comes with Qbass TM, which is designed as an adjustable bass booster, and Qverb TM, which allows you to choose settings of play for your audio ranging from club to stadium to cathedral.

Qmp3D – Winamp Plug-in comes with various features to improve the sound of your MP3 with a guarantee. This software is useful for anyone with MP3s who are looking for a way to enhance the sound quality of those files.